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About us

As an industry leader, Safelite Solutions provides comprehensive end-to-end claim management solutions for more than 200 insurance and fleet clients. We also render digital integration to many shops, facilitating billing and payment processes. Those services are offered to shops both in and outside our network program, with new features being added throughout the year.

About this website

The Safelite Solutions Network website can provide the information you need to stay on top of your work orders and invoices. Use this robust utility to receive automated pricing authorization, bill via the new and improved Online Invoicing tool, and manage your Safelite Solutions business more efficiently than ever!

How to get started

If your glass service company has billed and been paid by Safelite Solutions in the past 60 days, you can use details from that transaction to register for access to your account right now! You’ll need your invoice and the referral number from that job, as well as the shop number which has been created for your business. You can find your shop number on any Safelite Solutions work order.

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